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For the Thai people, eating is always a time for enjoyment.  Food is separated into savory course and a sweet course.   A traditional Thai meal includes variety dishes, which are served as soon as they cooked. Streamed rice is generally served with a clear soup, fried dish, a salad and a spicy sauce. Condiments usually include crushed dried chili, chopped fresh chili, pickled garlic, cucumber, tomatoes and scallions. Once the main course has been finished, fresh fruits and a dessert are usually served. Desserts in Thailand are normally based on fruit, such as coconuts and rice or flour; they are often very sweet with a delicate, scented flavor.

The Ingredients

The most important ingredient in Thai cooking is rice. In fact when people are called to the table, the phrase used-gkin kao-literally translates as “ a time to eat rice”. All of the other foods that makes up a meal-meats, fish and vegetables-are regarded as accompaniments and are referred to as  ghap kao or “things eaten with rice”

Second only to rice in importance in the Thai diet, noodles are consumed in large quantities and are cooked in a vast number of ways.


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Saturday        12:00 p.m.-10:00 p.m.


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Mild- just a touch of spice


Medium- a fair amount of spice which hints at the dish's fiery quality

Hot- definitely exhibits the fiery quality of ethic Thai food

One Star- a level above hot, attainable for most Westerners with practice

Two Stars- Two full levels above hot with only the very stout of  mouth able to handle

Three Stars- definitely ethic Thai (How long were you in Thailand?)


Spice Levels

NBC 12 Restaurant Report May 2013

Hall of Fame Award

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